In the Press


“…a new eight-part documentary series…about to bring that knowledge about and love of games to a larger audience.”

Rolling Stone

“I think the easy path would have been to say ‘well let’s not go there because it’s just well-trodden and everybody know that those are moot points. But everyone doesn’t know, and if you’re trying to reach a wider audience, then you do have to go there.”

PC Magazine

“The topics explored present more than a look at videogames impact upon society. It has celebrity correspondents who are genuinely interested in the subject they are presenting.”

Otaku No Culture

PC Magazine picked up on our story involving Shigeru Miyamoto talking about the motivations that led to the invention of the Wii controller. It’s a familiar story for Nintendo fans, but hearing it straight from the man himself was truly noteworthy.

Dallas Observer

“Anyone that’s alive understands gaming at some level. Content-wise, the leading networks, traditional and nontraditional, just don’t quite get it yet. I hope that changes. I hope [Unlocked] changes that narrative.”


“There are a surprising number of genuinely interesting people pontificating and postulating on gaming in general and I feel that’s what elevates this beyond just an EPK level experience.”

In the Press - Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed