Cast & Crew


Sean Astin

Sean’s journey takes us through the past, present, and future of game designers as he visits two of the world’s leading schools. Then he speaks with gaming journalists, a new kind of career, before sitting down with the godfather of video games.

Michael Rooker

Michael explores the entire process of motion and performance capture and learns how these tools bring a new level of expression to video games.

Tom Arnold

Tom dives headlong into video games by visiting E3, the premiere event for all things video gaming. He speaks with a wide variety of people in the industry, from the veterans who created classic games to up-and-coming stars.

Matt Walsh

Matt meets with several doctors, scientists, and experts to understand the science behind video games and how they affect our minds.

Zelda Williams

Zelda visits Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and learns about the numerous ways video games are being used to help young patients deal with pain and boredom.

Penn Jillette

Penn sat down with several legends of the gaming industry to hear their personal stories, understand where gaming is going, and to explore the tight-knit community of developers.

Alison Haislip

Alison speaks with a variety of game creators at E3 before getting unprecedented access to the most influential minds of Nintendo.

Meghan Camarena

Meghan follows the worldwide tour of the League of Legends Championship Series to unlock the emerging and exciting world of esports.


William Shatner

Actor, Writer, Producer

Kevin Smith & Jay Mewes

a.k.a., Jay & Silent Bob

Tony Hawk

Professional Skateboarder


Nolan Bushnell

Co-Founder of Atari

Palmer Luckey

Inventor of the Oculus

Michele Morrow

Gaming Journalist, Host of Blizzcon

Kevin Lin

COO of

Warren Davis

Creator of Q*bert

Tom Kalinske

Former CEO of Sega

Randy Pitchford

CEO of Gearbox Software

Patrice Désilets

Creator of Assassin’s Creed

Matthew Wilson

Senior Manager at Rovio Entertainment

Marientina Gotsis

Research Assistant Professor at USC

Darrell Gallagher

Studio Head of Crystal Dynamics

Shigeru Miyamoto

Creator of Donkey Kong, Mario, and Zelda

Cliff Bleszinski

Creator of Gears of War and Lawbreakers

Malik Forté

Gaming Journalist

Matt Dahlgren

Senior Product Marketing Manager of Capcom

Vince Zampella

Creator of Titanfall

Reuben Langdon

Stuntman, Motion Capture Specialist

Peter Moore

COO of Electronic Arts

Mikey Neumann

Writer of Borderlands and Brothers in Arms

Mark Lamia

Chairman of Treyarch

Jayson Love

Streaming Celebrity

David Perry

CEO of Gaikai

And many more!


Jeremy Snead

Writer, Director

Brett Womble

Executive Producer

Sean Astin

Executive Producer

Eric P. Metze

Associate Producer

Kevin Clancy


Kenny Price


Cast & Crew - Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed